Radek Inny ~ "Nel Dam in the Twirl of Galaxies", 2013

To know isn’t boring. You have to overcome obstacles to get to the knowing. After that, the obstacles get bigger. The adventure gets more intense, more exciting. Because that’s the point of life… To learn more and experience more. You can’t just know everything and stand there aimlessly, waiting for life to happen to you. You have to do something about it or the change won’t happen.


My new line.


Here’s a nice little full moon ritual for the solitary witch:

I personally carve my own way so I drew a bath and used the same words. I also recharged my crystals as this is a good time for cleansing. I’m also pretty much a beginner and got scared at the intensity of the energies coming in, so I paused in between the chant to let it settle in. I also didn’t (and never do) cast a circle, but I add salts to my bath.